Born May 8, 1996
Currently lives and studies in Liepaja, Latvia //
Gustavs Lociks is an emerging artist, who often abuses different software tools, to create abstract textures and digital landscapes. Most recently he uses 3d modeling software to make his works.

2015 - Ongoing Liepaja University, Bachelor Degree of Humanities, in the sub-sector – new media art

2016 Group exhibition, Augsne, Zivju 4-6, Liepaja, Latvia
2016 Group exhibition, Mutant Selection, KCCC Exhibition Hall, Klaipeda, Lithuania
2015 Group exhibition, Jauno Mediju Mākslas festivāls iWeek, Liepaja, Latvia
2015 Group exhibition, Telpa dialogam, Liepājas muzejs, Liepaja, Latvia
2015 Digital art group exhibition, Homeostasis Lab,
2015 Group exhibition, /'fu:bar/, Siva Galerija, Zagreb, Croatia
2015 Solo exhibition, Prototips, Jauniešu māja, Liepaja, Latvia

As Dejo un Locies (Gustavs Lociks, Māris Dejus):
2016 Kurmājas lasījumi, MPLab, Liepaja, Latvia
2016 Augsne, Zivju 4-6, Liepaja, Latvia
2015 Ziemassvētku balle, MPLab, Liepaja, Latvia
2015 Jauno Mediju Mākslas festivāls iWeek, Vecā ostmala 54, Liepaja, Latvia